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3 Way lever arm conn 3 Way lever arm conn
These compact and clever connectors allow you to quickly and easily connect  several LED lights to one power source. You will need at least one for neg and one for pos. Just lift the lever, insert the wire end and press the lever down. Connection made. Not waterproof.…
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Single pole 20mm switch Single pole 20mm switch
These switches provide an exceptionally neat way of operating LED lighting. They will handle up to10 amps at 12 volts DC, which equates to 120 watts, which is a lot of light from LED's. They flush-fit into a 20mm hole and you can buy a custom hole cutter from us too. They need 25mm of depth allowing for connections at the back. EACH…
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Eagle Eye 3wWhite Eagle Eye 3wWhite
This is an astonishingly power LED light. It uses a 3 watt Cree chip LED to produce as much light as some headlights. It is very compact, (23mm dia., 29mm long), tough, and waterproof and comes with 500mm of sheathed twin flex. They cost £9. 90 each and are guaranteed for 2 years. This is white, but there will be other light colours soon. Use it outside as a marker light for trailers or wide vehicles, daytime running lights, illumination for cupboards etc The number of uses is limited only by your imagination. There are discounts for volume orders. Call us.…
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42SMD Lightboard x 2 White 42SMD Lightboard x 2 White
This 80mm square lightboard is an incredibly efficient light source. The self-adhesive backing means that it can be mounted almost anywhere and it comes with a connecting flylead and also a couple of dummy, plug-in bulb connectors as well. Use anywhere that you want the maximum amount of light. It never gets hot, uses less power than a 5 watt bulb and gives as much light as a 3 ft. fluorescent tube!    2 Off in WHITE       Only £39.99 + VAT &  P&P. …
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42 LED Interior Light 42 LED Interior Light
Wherever you need a light or an extra light, this is worth a look .When fitted, it looks extremely neat. The slide switch gives 3 positions, off, on and on when an earth is supplied so it can be automatically activated when a door is opened, or when a PIR is activated. 42 Daylight white DIP LED's produce a lot of light. All fixings are concealed and provided. Fitting is quick and easy ( full instructions in English are also provided). To see it is to love it!…
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6 Ohm 50w resistor 6 Ohm 50w resistor
There are many times when a resistor can be useful. This one can enable LED bulbs to used with OE flasher relays, or to avoid false bulb failure warnings when using LED bulbs. It comes complete with snap connectors for easy fitting. It just goes between the bulb live and earth. …
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233 Ultra high power DRL LED bulb 233 Ultra high power DRL LED bulb
If you want to greatly increase the safety of your classic car, make it more visible. These bulbs have been designed to use standard 9mm bayonet front sidelight positions as daytime running lights. At 10 watts of new COB LED, they are far too powerful to use as sidelights. The will project a powerful beam forwards and extra high power LED's shine sideways for maximum visibility. The design uses the advantages of the new-generation LED's to create an unlikely amount of light from such a small size. These are negative earth. See also the positive earth versions. See also our complete, easy-to-fit wiring harness to make your new daytime running lights fully automatic so they don't depend on your memory. …
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