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Ultra bright LED rear foglight Ultra bright LED rear foglight
Whether you want to upgrade existing rear foglights or add some extra lights, these are for you. They are genuine Land Rover Wipac 95mm new lights, plus the mini wiring harness, and equipped with a special Ultra high power red LED bulb which is five times as bright as standard. It also use less than half as much power and runs cool. Not to be confused with the feeble LED units available elsewhere. Money-back guarantee. The price is for one high power rear foglight, plus mini harness, equipped with an ultra bright LED bulb. It does not include VAT if applicable or P & P.…
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H4HighPowerLEDheadlightUpgradeKit4300K H4HighPowerLEDheadlightUpgradeKit4300K
After two years of prototyping, testing, tweaking and tears, I am very proud to announce the launch of the new LED headlight upgrades for cars (most of them) which use H4 bulbs. These new bulbs achieve several world firsts: they use high CRI (Colour Resonance Imaging) LEDs only ever used previously in high-end retail lighting to make it easier to visually distinguish between different shades of the same colour and between similar but different colours, like dark green and dark blue. This reduces the stress of night driving and helps to avoid driver fatigue. Secondly, the developments discovered during the evolution of these bulbs have enabled us to give a five year warranty against either faults or premature failure. No one has ever been able to go beyond two year before, and we are delighted. These lights have been evolved to give a good beam pattern in any headlight in good condition and the colour of the light they produce is white, but with the blue bits taken out. Without in any w…
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Land Rover Defender RevFog light upgrade Wipac lights Land Rover Defender RevFog light upgrade Wipac lights
If you have a Land Rover Defender of the traditional variety you will have noticed that it only has one reversing light, which is not really up to the job, and one rear foglight, which is similarly dull, and more worrying, may cause following traffic that there is just a motorcycle ahead, so they have room to pass. This quick-fitting kit replaces both of the original lights with new dual circuit ones with a clear lens, so they match, and when you are reversing, both are powerful LED white lights, but when you select rear fogs, both become very bright red lights, which clearly show the width of your vehicle. This is made possible by the new LED dual colour bulbs developed for this conversion. It also has all of the wiring, connectors and instructions you will need. All parts are fully guaranteed for two years. The price is for one kit with two new Wipac lights, two special dual colour high power LED bulbs and instructions. It does not include VAT if applicable or P & P. There is another…
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Land Rover Defender RevFog light upgrade Land Rover Defender RevFog light upgrade
If your Land Rover has one reversing light and one rear foglight based on Lucas L488 lits, you will realise its shortcomings. Firstly, the reversing light is feeble, as is the rear foglight, but also a single foglight can give following traffic the impression that the vehicle ahead is a motorcycle and they may not allow enough room when overtaking. Also, if you go abroad, the foglight will be on the wrong side. This kit gives you two matching lights which will both act as high power reversing lights and also as red rear foglights. The kit has all wiring, the switch, and fill instructions and comes with a 5yr money-back guarantee.…
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207-48LED-UHPfrSidelightPairBulbs 207-48LED-UHPfrSidelightPairBulbs
These high performance LED front sidelight bulbs are 5 times as bright as standard, but use a lot less power and run cool. They use 48 new-generation LEDs to produce more light than some daytime running lights, but are actually very compact. The price is for a pair of these special bulbs which come with a 5yr money-back guarantee, and does not include VAT if applicable or P & P.…
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380UHPredStop&TailLightBulbsNegPair 380UHPredStop&TailLightBulbsNegPair
It is not easy to produce extremely bright red LEDs but recent developments have made it possible for us to make what are probably the most powerful red LED stop and tail light bulbs ever made. These will ensure that your braking is noticed and without killing your battery. The red colour is necessary because they are so powerful that your lenses would appear pink if they were white. These ones are negative earth. See also the positive earth ones and the single bulbs. The price is for two bulbs and excludes VAT and P&P. …
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