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Classic Car HID Xenon Conversions

Changing bulbs can bring real and noticeable improvements, but in small amounts. We succeeded in developing HID conversions for classic cars many years ago and were granted a Stage 1 Patent. We have continued to improve these conversions to the point where they are as different from the poor quality equipment generally available as an E-Type is from a Trabant. They are designed to work on both positive earth and negative earth cars, and with a dynamo or an alternator. They generate no radio interference and create no huge spike of demand on starting. Our latest version (G4) even has no warm-up period - they are instant. This means that they are suitable not only for H4 equipped cars, but also for both dipped and high beams on quad lamp cars. This is a world first and has taken a great deal of patient development from our little team. They are fully guaranteed for 2 years and we give a money-back guarantee. They have been proven in the rigours of the Classic Le Mans 24 hour endurance race and also at endurance racing at The Nurburgring and are used by many of the foremost restorers worldwide. They will not make a rusty headlamp shiny again or restore the focus of badly eroded lenses ( we can supply replacements for these) but they will give you a 300% increase in light output compared to a standard bulb as well as a 40% reduction in the electrical load. That is hard to beat.
We sell our lighting to customers in 33 countries and you are advised to check regulations in the region in which you intend to use any lighting upgrades.

Upgrade headlamp bulbs

These vary widely in quality, and there are limits to what can be achieved with the traditional halogen bulb format, using a slim quartz glass cylinder, a filament,and various gases. Some high wattage bulbs can damage sensitive vehicle electrics, burn out switches and drain batteries on older cars - so try to ensure that you act on recommendation and get a money-back guarantee before you buy.We now have a range of LED headlamp upgrade bulbs for cars from 1930 onwards ( 12v only).

HOD bulbs

These bulbs were first developed by General Electric in the USA when they were researching to find ways to overcome the perceived problems with HID Xenon conversions. The bulbs use a larger quartz glass envelope than halogen bulbs, and this is coated with highly reflective materials on the inside. Halogen bulbs waste 90% of their energy as heat, which escapes through the glass. HOD bulbs reflect this energy back onto the filament, which because of it's special alloy and the carefully tailored mix of gases, can achieve much higher temperatures and therefore give off approximately 50% - 80% more light, and achieve other advantages. The bulbs get no hotter on the outside than halogen, use no more energy than halogen, but do emit considerably more light. They also project the light extremely well, in the same way that a high-power hose can throw water further, so they can illuminate the road further ahead. This is helped by extremely good colour rendering, which has been a problem on HID. In other words, things look more like they do in daylight than they do with either halogen or HID. They can also be whiter than halogen, or yellow, for a "period" look on classic cars. The high-tech materials used to achieve this also give the bulbs a life cycle which is typically 50% more than conventional halogen bulbs. They also are a straightforward swap for standard bulbs, as they have no ballasts and cause no warning lights to come on and generate no fault codes. The usual caveats apply - rogue traders will buy poor quality units and sell them cheaply. Good quality ones will be dearer, but will work well, will come with a proper guarantee and you will only need to do the job once.

LED bulbs

These are making great progress, and have at last becom a viable alternative to halogen or HOD for headlamp bulbs, and are especially good in foglights ( which are short range lights), interior lights, number plate lights, and now, for sidelights, tail lights and indicator lights. We have many new models for this year ( 2012) and they will include non-polarity bulbs for all positions ( they will work either way around), error-free bulbs for tail lights, stop/tail lights and indicators that do not require you to fit external resistor kits as everything is built-in. You will be able to enjoy the advantages of LED technology for the very first time in car indicators without needing a soldering iron! They give that characteristic "instant" on/off, last many times longer, run cool, and use a tiny amount of energy, and they won't flash at a different speed than your standard bulbs. Our new interior light bulbs have been designed here in the UK by people who know that polarity sensitivity can be annoying and that many cars have interior lights which just will not allow the fitting of the current generation of LED bulbs without modifications to the lamp body, because they are too bulky. Our new W5W LED bulbs are twice as powerful, thanks to the use of the amazing Cree chips, but no bulkier than the standard bulb, and allow, for the first time, the quick and easy upgrading of interior lights on all of the cars that use these bulbs in a bayoneted bulbholder.

Money-Back Guarantee
In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with your investment, we will refund the complete cost of the product you purchased, as long as you have not damaged the equipment.

Fitting Service
We cannot arrange fitting but will be happy to liaise with your local specialist if you prefer.  We closed our fitting centre in Birmingham in 2011 after 38 years, so we are well equipped to answer any fitting queries.

We can upgrade the lighting on most cars, motor cycles and commercial vehicles. Spotlights and foglights can also be upgraded in most cases. We can also produce LED custom length lights to suit commercial vehicle, boat, motor-homes, caravans etc. Just call us. You may be surprised at how much is available.


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