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On cars where all the bulbs consumed large amounts of energy and charging systems just didn't cope, lighting was severely rationed. Fitting extra lights cannot usually be done because interior lights are bulky to allow for hot bulbs - right? Wrong in this case. We took the brave (and expensive) step of tooling up to produce our own tiny extra interior light It has concealed fixings, a choice of rear or bottom cable exits and a plug and socket in case you need to temporarily remove the panel it is attached to .It uses a tiny amount of enery ( 1.8 watts) but produces 3 times as much light as a conventional 5 watt bulb. They are neat and unobtrusive and allow you to fit subtle extra lighting in the glovebox, under the dash, in the kickwells, in the engine bay or in the boot without spoiling anything. Guaranteed to brighten your life for a full 5 years.

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