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Classic Car Daytime Running Lights Conversion Kit

Classic Car Daytime Running Lights Conversion Kit

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If your car uses 7 inch round headlights and you would like to enjoy the safety benefits of daytime running lights but do not want to bolt extra, (and perhaps ugly), lights onto your car, this kit is for you. It comes complete with a pair of Wipac period-style, dome front headlights, with a pilot light position at 6.00 o'clock. Our special, high power LED DRL bulbs fit into the pilot position and there is a complete and neat wiring harness, (in black sheathing) with a control unit that leaves you only 3 connections to make. Then, every time you turn on the ignition, your new powerful DRL lights (inside the new headlights) will shine both forwards, to be seen from a distance, and they also have high power LEDs around the sides to make full use of the reflector bowl for maximum visibility. Being automatic, it cannot be forgotten and will ensure you are visible on the road, whatever the conditions. Any vehicle with 7 inch round headlights, ancient or modern can use this system and we can cater for positive earth cars as well as negative earth. The price is for a full kit, including all fixings and does not include VAT or P&P.

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