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Safe flasher conversion for Lucas L549

Safe flasher conversion for Lucas L549

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If your classic has a red flashing system to tell following traffic that you are a) about to slow down dramatically, and b) change direction, you will be aware that for some reason, other motorists do not instantly get the message. Modern traffic conditions and modern vehicles programme us to expect clear, bright signals to forewarn us of these actions. This kit was designed to suit cars with the Lucas L549 rear lights, where the brake light does double duty and flashes as an indicator. The high power, self-adhesive LED light panel sits on the back of the light leaving room at the top for the high power stop and tail light upgrade, which is listed separately. The new flasher creates a powerful orange flash through the red lens, to make your signalling message clear to other road users. You will also need to upgrade your flasher relay to one of our electronic ones (NOTincluded) and if your car has a single dash display bulb, you will need one of our diode bridges to enable it to work (listed separately). There is also a loud flasher sounder (listed separately) as electronic relays are silent. If in doubt, email or telephone for an information sheet. No technical knowledge or special tools are need to fit this upgrade. The price is for the upgrade kit ( 2x high power orange LED light panels, with extension leads, 5M of twin wire and fixings and connectors) to add orange concealed flashers to the L549 rear lights and does not include the upgrade for the tail/brake lights or P&P. See also the complete kit containing everything you need in one pack listed separately.

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