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Invisible rear foglights for classic cars

Invisible rear foglights for classic cars

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If you use your classic on public roads, there will be times when you feel vulnerable. When visibility is poor, the lack of rear fog guard lights can be unnerving as cars and lorries approach fast from behind. This neat kit is designed so that you can replace your back number plate fixings with a pair of new ones which have high power red LEDs built into them. They shine strongly straight back and also to the outsides to make you extremely visible in all conditions. To allow you to switch them on without spoiling a tidy, original-looking cabin, the switch is an especially made period-style push-pull unit. It has a brass shaft and an illuminated tip which glows softly when you turn your car lights on. This makes it look original and also helps you to find it in the dark. There is also a heavy metal, black-crackle finished under-dash bracket with a "RR FOG" nametag, and the lighting connections are pre-made and labelled to make your job easier. All fixings, connections and cable are included in the pack, along with simple instructions. Like all of my products, it comes with a money-back guarantee. The price is for one kit and excludes VAT and P & P.

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