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501 UHP DRL Bulbs Neg

501 UHP DRL Bulbs Neg

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These are the most powerful 10mm wedge bulbs that have ever been made. Their purpose is to act as a daytime running light, either as part of our discreet Classic Car DRL system, or to replace existing sidelights in cars that use the 501/w5w/T10 bulbs. They are longer than standard at 44mm total length, because they need to accommodate the highly efficient Cree chip LED's in sufficient number to generate a great deal of light ( more than some headlights). If you wish to use these, please be aware that they are too bright to use as parking lights and you should check that you have the depth available. If you want to know how to do this, call or email us. The price excludes VAT and P&P and is for two bulbs.

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