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4Sight Boot Light Kit

4Sight Boot Light Kit

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This kit will transform the appearance of the boot or load area of your car. Standard lighting in these areas is very poor with usually a single bulb giving feeble light, and positioned so that when you try to access your luggage, you immediately cast a shadow over the things you are looking for. The three 4Sight Minilights in this kit each give four times as much light as a standard 5 watt bulb, but only use 1.86 watts. They are tiny, but give out a clean, super-white light that makes life much easier. They are tough enough not to be damaged by heavy luggage, and tiny enough to allow positioning where they will be most effective. The kit comes with all fixings, wiring, and connectors and can be fitted to most cars in under one hour. Price £49. 99 ( + VAT & p & P ).

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