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Simple Diode Bridge for Pos Earth

Simple Diode Bridge for Pos Earth

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When upgrading older cars to LED lighting, some odd behaviour can occur. This is usually because car lighting was designed around filament bulbs and they are simple and fairly crude devices, and LED bulbs are sophisticated and sensitive electronic devices, and therefore a great deal fussier. One frequent problem when upgrading to LED flashers is that a single dash or switch display bulb is connected to both left and right indicators. To avoid joining them together, car makers reverse the polarity from the indication to one side and revert on the other. Electronics can't live with this so the result is either a dead short, or the LED protection circuits kick in and nothing works. The cure is easy and inexpensive (when you know how) in the form of a simple diode bridge. One of it's 3 legs becomes the new feed to the warning light input (usually found at the "P" terminal on the old flasher relay) The other two legs just connect to the left and right indicator lives anywhere between the switch and the bulbs. Then the power from either can travel up the diode bridge to the warning light bulb, but cannot cross over to the other side. You could make your own, but these are compact, neat and easy to use. Complete with instructions and connectors. This is the one for pos earth cars. See also the neg earth version listed separately. The price is per bridge and does not include P & P or VAT if applicable.

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