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Diode Blocking Leads

Diode Blocking Leads

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Because car electrics generally use a common earth system and everything electrical is connected to everything else on the earth side, this can occasionally cause problems when the more sensitive LED lighting is installed, but the problems are easily solved, as long as you know how. Electricity can behave like water, and when a circuit is turned "off", it is termed low pressure and this circuit can provide a path to earth for any trickles of energy lingering around or escaping from "leaky" switches. It may not show up when all filament bulbs are fitted, but LED bulbs are far more sensitive and can show a glow when this happens. The answer is to use blocking diodes to shut the escape route, like fitting a one-way valve in a water pipe. If you fit high power stop/tail lights, you can cure feedback problems (if they arise), by fitting these leads into the tail light live feeds. They are suitable for either positive or negative earth systems and come with simple instructions and connectors. The price is for a pair of diode blocking leads and connectors and does not include P & P or VAT if applicable.

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