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Ignition warning light resistor kit

Ignition warning light resistor kit

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If you are thinking "Why do I need a resistor kit for my ignition warning light?" let me tell you. All car charging systems rely, to a greater or lesser degree, on the action of the bulb in the warning light to start the charging process. No bulb, no charging. If you upgrade to an efficient and bright LED bulb, then it has the same effect as no bulb, but worse than all of that is that if you leave the original bulb in place and it fails, so will your charging system. If the original bulb deteriorates, it will cause the charging system to work incorrectly. All of this can be simply and easily prevented by just ensuring that there is always the correct resistance available, regardless of what kind of bulb is fitted, or what condition it is in. This simple kit makes it quick and easy to do that. Just clip one end to the warning light live and the other to earth and the job is done. The prices is for one resistor lead with connectors and does not include P&P or VAT if applicable.

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