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581 (BAU15S) Offset Pin flasher bulbs super canbus

581 (BAU15S) Offset Pin flasher bulbs super canbus

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Many cars from the 1980s onward use the offset ( 150 degree) pin bayonet flasher bulbs. Most of these cars would benefit from the brighter and sharper LED flasher bulbs but they often have one of the dozen or so flasher relays for which no LED-friendly electronic flasher relay is available. This means either doing without or adding large resistors. Now, after more than two years of development work, we have made a significant breakthrough. These new bulbs use 105 of the latest LEDs plus a magnifying lens on the tip to make them bright enough to be clearly seen on even the brightest of days. All you have to do is swap the new for the old. We guarantee no warning lights and no fault codes. These ones are the 581. See also the 382 (opposite pins) and the T20 ( 20mm wedge) listed separately. The price quoted is for two bulbs and does not include VAT if applicable or P & P.

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