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382 Alloy Body HP Orange Flasher bulb Pos

382 Alloy Body HP Orange Flasher bulb Pos

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These powerful LED flasher bulbs have two claims to fame. Firstly, they are very compact, made possible by the use of new model LED's and a complex alloy body which forms an effective heat sink to make it possible to turn up the wick. Secondly, their shape makes them very grippy and some light fittings are so tight for space that this characteristic is a real boon. The very high brightness combines with the instant on/off makes them highly visible, even on bright sunny days. Don't forget that you will need to use either an electronic flasher relay or resistors to enjoy the upgrade to LED flasher bulbs. These ones are positive earth. See also the negative earth ones listed separately. The price is per bulb and does not include VAT if applicable or P & P.

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