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New dashlighting kit for Facelift Jaguar XJS Green

New dashlighting kit for Facelift Jaguar XJS Green

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This kit should have been launched two years ago, but I was held up by the long and slow development of an important new item, which is now ready. This kit will upgrade the instrument panel lighting to a colour of your choice (this one is green, see also white, blue and red options listed separately), but now, as well as having brighter warning light bulbs, we have all-new ones which are bright and which work either way around. LEDs are polarity conscious, so we have had to work extremely hard to miniaturise a flip-chip circuit to enable this feature. Without it, you have to test all of the 20 warning light bulbs to see which way around they need to fit and doing this with the dash disconnected may not be impossible, but it comes close. The most important new development of all is that one of the new warning lights in this kit has a flasher circuit built in. The XJS, more than most cars, needs this facility, because whether it is loss of coolant or of oil pressure, there are some warnings that you need to be sure to notice, even on a bright day. Extra flasher bulbs are available separately. The warning light bulbs come in their own twistlock bulbholders to suit the XJS dash, making a kit of 19 new LED warning light bulbs, one flashing LED warning light bulb, 20 twistlock bulbholders ( with the bulbs fitted for you) and five instrument panel light bulbs. This is the green kit. The price is for one comprehensive dashboard lighting kit with full instructions. It does not include VAT if applicable or P & P.

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