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380 Compact Diffused stop/tailRED Pos

380 Compact Diffused stop/tailRED Pos

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If your tail light lenses have faded or have cracks or splits, these red bulbs will keep you legal. Keep a pair in the glovebox for emergencies. They are designed to be compact and to use very little power. The high power bulbs are listed separately in the Classic Cars section, but these are much brighter than standard bulbs and are smaller, so cars with limited space can make great use of them. They also have a diffuser lens which removes the dotty effect that can spoil LED lighting when there is little room between the bulb and the lens on other styles of bulbs. These are the pos earth ones. Neg earth versions are listed separately. The price is for two of these new bulbs and does not include VAT if applicable or post and packaging. Replace in pairs.

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