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Reverse beeper bulb set Neg

Reverse beeper bulb set Neg

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Reversing can be a tricky manoeuvre. If others haven't noticed that you are moving a very heavy lump of machinery in their direction, it can also be embarrassing, at best. This is why a gentle, beeping, audible warning is a good idea. If your vehicle is negative earth and uses the most popular 382 ( 15mm bayonet) reversing light bulbs, this quick-fitting upgrade can give you a sensible and inexpensive way to make your reversing safer. The beeper bulb is brighter than a standard bulb and beeps gently when turned on. The other bulb is many times brighter and ensures that you can see and be seen. The price is for one high power 382 reversing light bulb and one beeper bulb, both negative earth. It does not include VAT if applicable or P & P.

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