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Front Orange White Flasher Kit Neg

Front Orange White Flasher Kit Neg

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Many cars from the 1950s and 1960s used a twin filament bulb in the front sidelights to act as both a front position light and to flash more brightly as an indicator. This white flashing signal is no longer recognised or understood, and can put road users in danger because of misunderstood intentions. Our simple kit gives you everything you need to invisibly upgrade your classic car to have much brighter warm white front sidelights which flash powerfully orange. This is possible because of our newly developed compact high power dual colour LED bulb which is no bigger than the original and which is a direct replacement. Although it is much brighter, it uses a fraction of the power. To ensure everything works without a hitch and that you have everything you need for an easy installation, this kit is comprehensive and includes step by step instructions. Expected fitting time is two hours. This is the negative earth version. See also the positive earth kit listed separately. We also do conversions for red flashing rear indicators. The price will go up after the first 20 orders to 109.99+VAT but for now the offer price stands. The price quoted is for one kit and does not include VAT if applicable or post and packaging.

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