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BA21D Projector LED headlight bulb Neg

BA21D Projector LED headlight bulb Neg

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The BA21D headlight bulb was widely used in the headlights of many cars in the 40s and 50s. It rarely produces much light or a good beam pattern, but does consume enough power to strain charging systems. There has never been a viable LED replacement or upgrade for two main reasons - the tooling to make the bayonet caps no longer existed, and all of the first prototypes failed to create a good beam pattern. Now, at last, we have a good solution. Instead of relying on the combination of reflector and lens to create the beam, we use the technology used in most modern cars, which is a projector lens. This creates a good cut-off pattern without any help. We have designed these bulbs so that you can rotate the bayonet cap to cope with LHD or RHD patterns. Finally they produce 3x as much light at the standard bulb, but use just 15 watts on dip and 25w on high beam. They produce light at 4300K, which is ivory white, not blue white, so it looks "right". They come with a 5 years guarantee, subject to the usual conditions. They are currently only available in negative earth but positive earth will follow.

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