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380 Compact 57 LED red stop & tail light bulbs Neg

380 Compact 57 LED red stop & tail light bulbs Neg

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A lot of early cars have limited space, feeble charging systems, but a real need to be more visible from behind, especially when they brake. These new bulbs use 57 new-generation red LED bulbs to offer a solution. They use less than a quarter of a watt each on tail lights and only 1.5 watts on braking, but are impressively bright. The low consumption also means they run very cool, so if they end up close to a lens, they will not melt anything. The image shows them compared to a standard bulb for scale only. The price is for a pair of the exceptional bulbs only, and does not include VAT if applicable, or post and packaging. See also the more powerful 380UHP bulbs listed separately for the ultimate brake light brightness in both neg and pos versions.

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