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Fiat 500 Headlight Upgrade Yellow

Fiat 500 Headlight Upgrade Yellow

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Upgrading the headlights on the Fiat 500 has always been considered problematic. The headlights are shallow, they have a light shield further reducing the space and getting LED bulbs to focus correctly for a good beam pattern has never been achieved - until now. This new bulb upgrade kit has been specifically developed to work perfectly in these headlights. The new LED bulbs are the same length as the original ones, they are no more difficult to fit than standard bulbs, but they produce three times as much light while only drawing 15 watts on dipped beam and 25 watts on high beam. Thats a 60% saving. The colour of the light produced by this kit is yellow for those who want a Continental look. There is also an ivory white option (listed separately) This bulb kit comes with a money back, 5 yr guarantee. The price is for a kit of two headlamp bulbs and does not include VAT if applicable or post and packaging.

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