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Waterproof blade-type fuseholder Waterproof blade-type fuseholder
If you want to protect any electrical additions, this heavy-duty, twin-seal waterproof fusehold is a tough, durable way to do the job. It will never let you down even in poor conditions. …
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Plunger switch Plunger switch
Whether it is to operate interior lights or to switch any other device on automatically, these will do the job. They are highly corrosion resistant and can be adjusted for operating length just by snipping off the serrated plunger at the appropriate point. …
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42 LED Interior Light 42 LED Interior Light
This neat LED light fitting uses 42 daylight white DIP LED's to give a lot of light from a space only 135mm square. It has a slide switch giving 3 positions, off, on and on when an earth is supplied, so you can turn it on by opening a door, activating a PIR etc. All fixings are concealed and included and it is easy to fit (full instructions provided). …
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23mm Eagle Eye LED in Warm White 23mm Eagle Eye LED in Warm White
Anywhere you need a small, neat powerful light, this warm white LED lights can bolt through a surface, like the top of a cupboard and light it up with as much light as a 60w household bulb, whilst only using 7 watts. Very powerful, very neat and very efficient. Guaranteed for 5 years. …
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