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H6/BAX9S/W6W LED front sidelight bulb with canbus H6/BAX9S/W6W LED front sidelight bulb with canbus
Range Rovers, some Mercedes and many others use this offset pin ( 12 o'clock and 8.00 o'clock) bulb as either a front sidelight or as a number plate light bulb. These are brighter and whiter than standard, use 10% of the power and are guaranteed to last for 5 years. We have them made with canbus electronics so that even on later cars, they will not set off warning lights or create fault codes. See also the bundle deal for a pair (listed separately in this section). …
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H6/BAX9S/W6W LED front sidelight bulb with canbusPAIR H6/BAX9S/W6W LED front sidelight bulb with canbusPAIR
If your car uses the bulb variously known as H6/BAX9S/W6S either in the front sidelights or the rear number plate lights, these will give you much more light, which is much whiter. They will also run cool and last for at least the guaranteed 5 years. This bulb has the pins at midnight and 8.00 o'clock and is hard to find. We have these made with canbus electronics so they will suit all applications, even newer cars with sophisticated bulb failure warning systems. They are available singly, but this is a deal for a pair. …
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501 White high power push-in bulb 501 White high power push-in bulb
If your car uses the 10mm push-in bulb that we call the 501 and others call w5w or T10, this one is worth a look. The five 5050 SMD LED's (that's 15 light emitting chips!) push out plenty of light and the arrangements means is shines powerfully in all directions. The bulb is just 26mm long so will fit into most positions. See also the warm white version in the Warm White Collection section. …
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501Diffused6000Kdeluxe 501Diffused6000Kdeluxe
The 10mm capless bulb that I call 501 and some call T10 is totally ubiquitous but it is not a flawless design. The contacts in the bulbholder become sloppy and the skinny bits of bent wire at the bottom of the bulb struggle to make contact. They can be very yellow and not always bright enough. High power versions can be harsh and create glare. These ones address all of those issues. They use a high power, daylight white LED to generate a great deal of light (equivalent to 10w of filament bulb), and there is a diffused lens to soften the effect. The contacts are proper, wide copper contact strips for perfect connection. They may be overkill for some applications, but where only the best will do, these are the ones. The price is for a pair of bulbs and does not include P&P or VAT where applicable.…
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