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10mm Wedge LED bulb 10mm Wedge LED bulb
This powerful LED bulb can replace most 501/T10/w5w conventional bulbs and outshine all of them. The use of 5 3-chip 5050 SMD LED's allows this bulb to give out a great deal of very white light while drawing a little over 1 watt. It is ideal in front sidelights or interior lights. Our re-design of this favourite means that although LED's will usually only work one way around, this bulb will work either way, which can be a great time and temper saver for bulbs in awkward places. …
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40mm All Round LED festoon 40mm All Round LED festoon
LEDs are directional and this can be a great advantage as most applications need us to shine the light in the right directions. However, there are times when that just does not work, for example when a light needs to shine both forwards and backwards, as in the case of a caravan roof light, or back and sideways, as in the case of a combined tail and number plate light. This bulb is very bright and uses LED filament technology to shine light all round. It is 40mm long and uses only half a watt but is as bright as a 10w filament bulb. The price is for one bulb and does not include P&P or VAT if applicable.…
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