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E-Type S2&3 RevLight Upgrade Multi Function Kit E-Type S2&3 RevLight Upgrade Multi Function Kit
If you have a Series 2 or 3 E-Type, you will be aware that reversing in the dark can be tricky. The standard twin reversing lights are not really useful. This new conversion changes all of that. It invisibly turns your reversing lights into the most useful ones on the car. When you select reverse, they will shine 3 times as brightly, making tricky manoeuvres much easier. When you brake, they will become an extra pair of bright red brake lights, and when you flick the supplied switch, they will shine powerfully red as rear foglights. The kit comes will all wiring and connectors and full instructions. It is easy to install and no previous experience is necessary. The price quoted is for one complete upgrade kit, and does not include P&P or VAT if applicable. Email for an info sheet. NOW BACK IN STOCK…
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X100 XKR & X300 XJ8 Dash kit X100 XKR & X300 XJ8 Dash kit
If you have an X100 Jaguar XK8 or an X300 XJ8 you may feel that the dash illumination is dull. This beautifully crafted LED upgrade kit will transform your dash and make it bright and attractive. The price is for one kit of 4 twistlock LED bulb units with diffuser lenses for shadowless lighting. The price does not include VAT if applicable or post and packaging.…
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